Fair Shine Pure Glycerine
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fair shine pure glycerine

If you are a girl, you admire looking your best whenever you are going out to watch movies with your friends or going to your school or college. Therefore, the beauty cream, have to be selected with care so that your skin problem is not exasperated. Every girl wants to look beautiful and Fair Shine Pure Glycerine helps you to maintain a healthy and glowing skin. The pure glycerine maintains your skin fresh and beautiful, making you feel like a baby face. Fair Shine pure glycerine helps you to maintain a healthy and glowing skin.

Fair Shine Pure Glycerine is treats yourself skin to get instant extra fairness skin.

With expertise in the distribution of leading Fair Shine Pure Glycerine, efficient supply chain, extensive distribution network, Shriman Zambia LTD covers most of the cities in African countries, spread over all major provinces. Shriman Zambia LTD is recognized as the leading Fair Shine Pure Glycerine Distribution Company in Zambia.


How to use ?

  • Wash your body thoroughly
  • Apply the lotion on your body
  • Gently massage your body
  • Leave the lotion on your body for few minutes


  • Fair Shine Pure Glycerine


  • Skin softer more radiant and even-toned
  • Dark spots visibly reduced
  • Gives you a heathy fair look
  • Reduces acne and wrinkles
  • Good moisturizer
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