Bullet Detergent Powder and Paste
bullet detergent powder
bullet detergent paste
bullet detergent paste

Bullet Detergent Powder and Paste comes with a superior quality of washing and faster reactivity having low foam. It takes care of hard water and cold water. It helps to provide attain whiter, brighter and fresher clothes and hit the strong dirt areas and remove the dirt during the soak itself, giving the fabric a new, shiny look.

Bullet Detergent Powder and Paste guarantee smoother and softer fabrics, effective stain removal and an overall pleasant washing performance. All the pastes are formulated for hand washing and are very cost effective. It is available in boxes and easy open pouches.

May be harmful if swallowed and avoid contact with the eyes and wear protective gloves for prolonged direct contact. Store it in a dry location to avoid dispensing problems.


How to use?

  • Soak the clothes with bullet detergent
  • Keep the clothes for few minutes
  • Then wash the clothes
  • As per your quantity of clothes, use sufficient bullet detergent powder


  • High effectiveness
  • Accurate compositions
  • Safe to use
  • Longer shelf life


  • More effective
  • Better for your skin
  • Better fragrances
  • They are septic-safe
  • They improve air quality
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