Xtra Detergent Paste
xtra detergent paste
xtra detergent paste
xtra detergent paste
xtra detergent paste

Xtra Detergent Powder is a very good partner for African Country housewives. It removes stains in both hot water and cold water, also removed stains like coffee, blood, egg, oil, mud, ketchup etc. Xtra Detergent consistently cleaned fabric swatches.

Xtra Detergent gives real fresh fragrance and crafts your clothes to look perfect and gentle.

This detergent powder does not make your skin to irritate or cause damage to your skin or allergy. It does not cause any harm to the environment. It is available in various sizes and has several different flavours.


How to use ?

  • Soak the clothes with xtra detergent
  • Keep the clothes for few minutes
  • Then wash the clothes
  • As per your quantity of clothes, use sufficient xtra detergent powder


  • High effectiveness
  • Accurate compositions
  • Safe to use
  • Longer shelf life


  • More effective
  • Better for your skin
  • Better fragrances
  • They are septic-safe
  • They improve air quality
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